Topographical guide VTT-FFC Suisse Normande

The Swiss Normandy has a perfect topography for mountain biking. The region is full of trails and adapted paths. The Swiss Normandy Mountain Bike area offers 38 circuits, 800 km of marked trails.

The tours are listed according to their difficulty by the color of the numbers and are on sale in the Tourist Offices of Suisse Normande.

Green : very easy
Blue : easy
Red : difficult
Black : very difficult

Starting Points : Athis de l'Orne, Bréel, Clécy, Condé-sur-Noireau, Espins,
Les Rotours (Lac de Rabodanges), , Pont-d'ouilly, Putanges-Pont-Ecrépin,
St-Philbert-sur-Orne (Roche d'Oëtre), Saint-Omer, St-Rémy-sur-Orne , Thury Harcourt

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