The covered market of La Forêt-Auvray
This market hall was built in the mid eighteenth century. It is open to tourists and hikers for shelter or a picnic (tables and benches provided). Every year, a car race takes place at La Forêt-Auvray : it's a route for many drivers take part in this course, one of the finest in Normandy.


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Wash houses's circuit in Ri

The route for this country walk is available from the tourist office and takes you on the discovery of the village wash houses. These charming sites, often found in woods and fields as well as in villages evoke the daily life of our grandmothers.

Others wash houses in Putanges, Ménil-Hermei (le lavoir de Bougard) , les Rotours and Sainte-Croix sur Orne.

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Le bourg - 61210 RI

GPS : Latitude : 48.79071882985133 - Longitude : -0.13803854113916714

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Wells, constructed of local granite and schist, have a vaulted style typical of the region.

A 9 km circuit starting at Les Rotours (Circuit no 3, on sale at tourist offices) passes a dozen such.

See other examples at Vieux St-Aubert. (GR36)


These 17th century lime kilns are what remains of an industry which lasted into the 19th century. Calcium carbonate was transformed into lime by the action of heat, then mixed with river sand and used for pointing walls. The lime was also used as a soil improver. However the increasing use of chemical fertilisers and of cement in building led to their abandon.

Others lime-kilns in Habloville, Ste-Croix sur Orne, Bazoches au Houlme and les Rotours.

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