Famous people
Saint Jean Eudes (1601-1680) - Ri

In the village, the Romanesque church marks the foundation of the liturgical cult of the hearts of Jesus and Mary, being one of the greatest examples of the French school of spirituality in the 17th century. It was declared 'holy' in 1925 and has since become a centre of pilgrimage.
Saint Jean Eudes appears in a medallion on the pediment of the town hall, with his two brothers : François de Mézeray, a secretary of the Académie française, and Charles d'Houay, a surgeon and alderman of the town of Argentan.

Gaston Lefavrais (1913-1983) - Ménil-Gondouin
Numerous artists have been seduced by the subtlety of the light on the river Orne and the lake Rabodanges which makes the scenery so attractive. The critically acclaimed painter Gaston Lefavrais was born in Putanges in 1913. "A Norman by birth, Lefavrais paints the Norman scenery completely naturally, using a broad brush. His joy in painting is reflected not only in the woods and villages which he treats so well, but also in his well-crafted still life, detailed bouquets and realistic portraits... he has a solid temperament." (A. Weber, "L'Amateur d'Art")
Since 1996 the Tourist Office has organised its annual "Painters' Day" during the spring in homage to Gaston Lefavrais.

Remy de Gourmont (1858-1915) - Bazoches-au-Houlme

Born in the chateau de la Motte at Bazoches-au-Houlme, he was one of the greatest writers of his time, a master of suspense and friend of Guillaume Apollinaire.

Jean Vauquelin de la Fresnaye (1536-1606)

A poet and disciple of Ronsard and friend of Baif, he was a literary theorist.

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