Churches and chapels
Eglise Notre-Dame de la Nativité à Habloville

Dating from the 13th and 15th centuries, the interior of this church is classed as an historic monument. Its collection of sacred artefacts is still in use for the liturgy during special services. 

Concerts, especially of Baroque music, are organised there several times a year.

Le Bourg - 61210 HABLOVILLE

GPS : Latitude : 48.78444098130462 - Longitude : -0.16966912677537493

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Eglise de Ménil-Vin

The cemetery surrounding this Romanesque church has a 1000 year-old yew tree.

10/11th Century dogs-tooth mouldings remain to be seen, plus a sundial bearing gothic numerals over the north doorway of the church.

Le Bourg - 61210 MÉNIL-VIN

GPS : Latitude : 48.84458759525675 - Longitude : -0.31673836770630714

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Eglise de Méguillaume

It is a small medieval church with remarkable architectural and archaeological elements, such as its rafter structure, a rare Romanesque triplet and vestiges of painted decors. These elements are all the more valuable as they are the last vestiges of medieval architecture in this part of the department. It has just been the object of a fine restoration of the civil works.

Visit by appointment for groups or heritage specialists : +33 (0)2 33 35 94 89 (Marie-Laurence MALLARD)

Méguillaume - CHÊNEDOUIT - 61210 PUTANGES-LE-LAC

GPS : Latitude : 48.77231528953904 - Longitude : -0.3290969839058562

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Chapelle Notre-Dame de Pitié à Ménil-Jean

Situated 500 m from the Pont de la Villette over the Orne, this chapel is part of the original 12th Century church of Ménil-Jean.

It is reached from a steep path through the trees. The setting is magnificent, being surrounded by woods and water.

Near by are picnic tables and a standing stone.

Pont de la Villette - MÉNIL-JEAN - 61210 PUTANGES-LE-LAC

GPS : Latitude : 48.74322924833218 - Longitude : -0.2118034842696943

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