Gorge of St Aubert
Natural heritage in Swiss Normandy

The scenery here is spectacular, bounded by rocky and wooded slopes along the 7 kilometers of the gorge, which is only accessible on foot. The granite from which the gorge is carved gives rise to special features, such as the 'Flat Stone', where blocks of granite have been smoothed by the water. Otters have reappeared here recently. In winter, experienced canoeists take advantage of water released downstream of the Rabodanges dam.

The gorge is reached from the dam. With the viewpoint on your left, take the path to the right in about 100 meters.


GPS : Latitude : 48.788791087801165 - Longitude : -0.2978904441108625

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Le Vieux St Aubert

This is an old village founded by the monks of Mont St-Michel, about 800 AD. The village belonged to the Abbey of St-Etienne in Caen which each year demanded that the villagers parade their pigs, so that their wealth could be estimated for tax purposes.

Nowadays you can picnic and see the remains of the old church and restored wells.

Access : take the GR36 from la Trousserie (around 3 km).

La Trousserie - ST-AUBERT-SUR-ORNE

GPS : Latitude : 48.78623476722763 - Longitude : -0.3116221927986089

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Photo credit : Olivier Caillebotte - archiveuro.com