Lake Rabodanges
The history of Lake Rabodanges begins in 1919, when the first study was made into the management of the River Orne and its tributaries.

Over the four kilometers before it enters the Gorges de St Aubert, the Orne falls around 40 metres, more rapidly than anywhere else in Normandy.

Moreover, the narrowness of the valley at the start of the gorge, added to a splendid natural basin upstream, allowed the engineers to complete the ambitious project of building a dam and large retaining lake.

Lake Rabodanges holds 6 million cubic meters of water, held by a dam 160 meters long and 17 meters high.

This may be viewed from a platform in Plessis on the right bank of the River Orne, accessed from a path on the left at the site entrance.


GPS : Latitude : 48.788791087801165 - Longitude : -0.2978904441108625

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